Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In UAE 2024

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In UAE 2024

Mobile phones are incomplete nowadays with a range of applications that make life easier for users. In UAE. The penetration among the users of the internet and mobile phones has shown that there are almost 89% of smartphone users spend their time using mobile apps rather than using them for communicating purposes. 

Almost 75% of the UAE population uses mobile phones with 5.40 million people active on social media apps, 33% using game applications, 31% stretching their use for mobile banking with the apps, and almost 45% of the population is watching videos. 

The stats simply indicate that mobile applications play a vital role in smartphone users’ lives. Many entrepreneurs have emerged in UAE and have knocked the opportunity to develop ideas surrounding smartphone applications. If you are also wondering how you can take advantage of new tech and answer the burning idea of how to sell an app idea? Remember, you can also take advantage of mobile apps in multiple ways. It can help you to communicate, grow, and expand without much hassle.

All you need is a good mobile app development company in UAE to enhance your app idea and develop something that outshines the others in the UAE market.

Continue reading to find out more about it!  

Top Mobile App Development Companies In UAE 2024

Here is the list of the top 10 mobile app development companies that you can find in the UAE in 2024. 

  • Abtach DMCC

Abtach. ae is one of the most prominent mobile app development companies in the UAE. The company is known to understand the needs and wants of the clients. With a team of expert developers, designers, and other team members, Abtach. ae ensures that you get what you have dreamed of. 

It has the finest 95% satisfaction rate with 2400 complete projects and more than 1000 happy clients. And it shows how the team at Abtach gets a grip on the clients’ demand and converts it into the form of mobile applications. 

Things To Expect At Abtach. Ae

  1. Valuable ideas
  2. Lifetime relations
  3. success on the go 
  4. consultation with the team
  5. customized solutions

Why Should Trust Abtach. Ae

  1. Open conversation
  2. Transparency at every step
  3. App consultation
  4. App updates
  • RetroCube

RetroCube serves all industries with mobile applications that are suitable for all B&E operating systems and devices. RetroCube takes pride in itself as the global guru in mobile application design and development. They are known to create comprehensive applications and games for startups, entrepreneurs, and even big enterprises across various platforms such as Android and iOS. 

The company also provides high-end web solutions for the business to achieve their true potential and spread their message across the digital world. It has passionate and talented designers and app developers in-house who are ready to provide service 24/7 to their clients. 

RetroCube’s Core Technology Expertise

  1. Mobile – iOS, Android, React Native, Windows Phone, Games. 
  2. Web –, Java, PHP & JSP, Html, Html 5, DHTML, XML/XSL/SOAP.
  3. Database – SQL Azure, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Integration. 
  4. Cloud – Azure, Document Management, AWS, Document Management CRM, Business Intelligence. 

Success Principle Of RetroCube 

  1. Deep expertise
  2. Professional team
  3. Controlled process
  4. User experience 
  5. Quality at any scale 
  • Branex

Branex is a creative digital agency that provides a diverse creative team that works together to create out-of-the-box applications for their clients. They are a full-service creative agency that believes in making digital success stories. 

Apart from mobile app development, it specializes in Custom Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Print Designing, and Portfolio Management. Branex is always ready to go the extra mile that bring out the best business relationship between the company and its clients. 

The Iterative Development Process At Branex

  1. Discovery and planning 

  2. Wireframes

  3. Architecture built

  4. Custom software development 

  5. Testing

  6. Launch and deployment  

Industries Branex Serves 

  1. Food and beverages

  2. eCommerce 

  3. Banking and finance 

  4. Social networking 

  5. On-demand apps

  6. Healthcare and medical

  7. Transportation

  8. Education 

  9. Real estate, etc. 

  • Apphitect

Apphitect is another app development company in UAE with eight years of experience under its belt. In this time span, the company has developed 600+ successfully along with 50+ testing devices, 80+ readymade mobile products, and 50 million downloads making their clients reach their goals much before than anticipated. 

Equipped with all the latest technologies and high-end creative minds of 200+ developers and designers, Apphitect keeps their client’s needs and wants in mind and gives their ideas a new angle that ensures success in the long run. 

How Does The Apphitect Deliver? 

  1. Design 

  2. Development

  3. Testing 

Technologies Apphitect Blend Apps With 

  1. Augmented reality

  2. Wearable

  3. BLE 4.0

  4. Hybrid

  5. M-commerce 

  6. Messaging/Chatting 

  • Yudiz Solutions Ltd. 

Yudiz is one of the most reputable mobile app development companies in the UAE. The company aims to deliver top-notch mobile apps by synergizing cutting-edge technologies. They are able to maintain the consistency in developing scalable solutions through their idea of fostering a collaborative approach. Moreover they ensure robust application development and management through following agile methodologies. 

The award winning company, with an experience of 14+ years has been able to maintain a 80% client retention rate. The reason behind all those satisfactory testimonials of clientele is their team of 430+ Tech enthusiasts enabled by a proficient leader. Yudiz has worked on 6500+ projects belonging to various verticals and industry niches. 

What makes Yudiz your first choice?

  1. Fostering Innovation.

  2. Leveraging cutting edge Tech.

  3. Agile methodologies

  4. Collaborative Approach

  5. Empirical Solutions

Yudiz has expertise in 

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Game Development

  3. Metaverse Development

  4. AR/VR Development

  5. Web and UI/UX

  6. Blockchain

  • Sutherland

Sutherland is the best and experience-led digital transformation company that can help clients achieve their non-linear growth by delivering exceptionally engineered experiences for customers and employees. 

They combine their human-centered design with the scale and accuracy of real-time analytics, AI, cognitive technology, and automation. The company has its digital backbone spread out in 144 countries with a team of 3800 global professionals.   

Digital Engineering Services 

  1. Customer experience

  2. Application modernization

  3. Data engineering

  4. Cloud transformation

  5. Intelligent automation 

Industries That Sutherland Supports 

  1. Retail

  2. Travel and hospitality 

  3. Telecommunications

  4. Media and entertainment

  • The NineHertz 

The company is a decade-old mobile app development company that has empowered global enterprises, businesses, and also startups in their digital journey. They offer solutions to every size of business and help them to get what they want.  

NineHertz provides comprehensive services to help its clients succeed in the digital world with the finest transportation. They provide the automation touch to the business workflows of the clients and help them to lead others, a step ahead of the competitors. 

Services At The NineHertz

  1. Enterprise software development

  2. Application development 

  3. Game development 

  4. IT consulting

  5. Digital marketing services 

Solutions At The NineHertz

  1. Taxi booking

  2. Education app

  3. Live streaming 

  4. Grocery delivery

  5. ERP solutions

  • 21Twelve Interactive

21Tweleve Interactive has its prominence in the app development industry in UAE with more than 125 projects., and 75+ happy clients. It has experience of 6 years in the industry and gathered a team of 45+ professionals who work to provide the best to their clients.  

It provides solutions to the clients and presents them with an opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowds. The latest technologies at the company are to ensure that the solutions provided by 21Tweleve Interactive are modern and futuristic.  

What To Expect From 21Twelve Interactive? 

  1. Mobile app development 

  2. Designing services

  3. Web and CMS development 

  4. eCommerce development 

  5. JavaScript development 

  6. Game development 

  7. Digital marketing 

 21Twleve Interactive Offers the Best Services Related To 

  1. Android 

  2. iOS 

  3. UI/UX design 

  4. Websites

  5. Hybrid

  6. SEO 

  • Rising Max

Rising Max is renowned for developing impactful mobile applications that can easily strengthen the digital image of the client’s brand and fuel their success. No matter how diverse your development needs are, mobile app developers develop apps that can boost business efficiency and offer exceptional user experience.  

They design mobile apps for the platforms that unlock new opportunities for our clients and empower them to take their business to the next level. The company uses its domain expertise and build business-oriented apps on multiple platforms with advanced features and best-in-class functionality. 

Get Services Related To 

  1. Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT app development 

  2. Web app development

  3. Custom solutions

Blockchain Development Services 

  1. NFT game development 

  2. NFT token development 

  3. Metaverse Development 

  4. Web3 game development, etc. 

  • TechGropse UAE

TechGropse UAE operates intending to develop the finest app solutions for their clients that meet the diverse and complex needs of the ever-changing world. The company brings your ideas into the development cycle with its team of experts who have years of experience and capabilities to develop the best. 

They are known for paganizing workflow, and integrating captivating functions all towards one specific goal. With more than eight years of experience, the company is serving 20+ countries and has over a thousand satisfied customers.   

What Makes TechGropse UAE Unique

  1. 1+ year free maintenance and support

  2. Digital promotion boosters

  3. NDA-produced apps

  4. 100% money-back guarantee 

Cognitive Integrated Service TechGropse UAE Offers 

  1. Mobile app development 

  2. Web app development 

  3. Game app development 

  4. Enterprise solutions

  5. Wearable app development 

  6. Android and iOS app development 

  7. Cross-platform mobile app development 


So, these are the top 10 app development companies that can provide you with the best services and help you grow without any restraints as they have you covered with everything. From the ideation to the maintenance, these companies can be your partners.

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