Highly Qualified leads

  • We generate traffic on our portal through google organic searches and other promotional activities.
  • As soon as we received any lead/inquiry for the software we have a separate lead qualification team to verify the details.
  • We ask 13-15 questions to the client and verify whether they have a genuine requirement of the software or not. We only share the lead when a person is having a genuine requirement of the software.
  • We do offer a lead replacement policy in case the lead details are not valid or that person says no for the software on the very first call
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Pay per click

  • In an urge to assist you in driving a highly relevant and motivated business audience to your website. Pay per will give you maximum Exposure on Techimply. Visitors who click on your website from Techimply are four times more likely than the industry average to convert into a lead.
  • You will get the double filtered traffic from us as a person is searching on google first for the software then coming to the Techimply and here, after evaluating 15 Top software customer clicks for your software profile.
  • Listing of your software on top 5 along with the visit website and free demo button to redirect the potential software buyers to your website or landing page.
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Software Review

  • Get your products reviewed by our software experts, and feature them on our Software Recommendation platform. If you are new in the market and want to place your software in front of your potential buyers then Get reviewed will be the most suitable activity.
  • Our Software Analyst team will have a demo of your Software and write a detailed review with about 2500 words with the screenshot. We will publish that on our platform and social media to gain maximum exposure.
  • Along with that, we will do an email marketing of your software review written by Techimply.
  • Plan your Go to Market strategy with us.
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Banner Advertisement

  • Get 200% more visibility through a banner advertisement
  • We have a category banner advertisement offering through which we can promote your banner ads in your business category.
  • You will get direct brand recognization by placing your banner on a category page.
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Marketing Qualified lead

  • This will be a marketing qualified lead where we will share the lead as soon as we received it on our website.
  • All would be inbound leads to get more closures out of that.
  • We do replace the lead in case the lead details are not valid. The entire lead replacement policy will not be applicable to this.
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Premium Listing

  • Get your profile listed on the top 5 of your business category.
  • Get real-time leads when a customer places an inquiry for your software.
  • You will get customer attention while being on the top 5 relevant software buyers can check your software details.
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Content Writing

  • We can provide highly qualified content for any kind of web needs.
  • Establish great connections with your audience by giving a new strategy to your old content. Which will reflect results such: gaining new buyers, increasing brand awareness. Simply you will create more humanize businesses for your brand.
  • We will write compelling product descriptions, social media posts, blog posts, articles, guest posts, press releases, newsletters, case studies and a lot more. Content just focusing your brand and products will benefit you in gaining the trust of your new buyers.
  • We will charge 1.5 to 2 Rs per word as per your content need.
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Drip Email Marketing

  • Create your own lead nurturing funnel with our Drip Email Marketing strategy for better conversions.
  • Drip campaigns are a proven way to increase brand awareness and filling up the marketing funnel with potential warm leads.
  • We will create email/drips and design attractive mobile-optimized emails and testing it for performance on popular email platforms.
  • We will run drip campaigns until we get our assigned number of leads. At the end of the campaign, we will make sure you get exclusive delivery of leads for your software in real-time.
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