By Payroo

Payroo helps its users to become STP compliant and manage their payroll by sending payslips for the first month at no cost. The software has been approved by the ATO and hence follows strict security and compliance requirements. Users can finalize pays while the software takes care of STP, Tax and super obligations. Payroo software automatically generates payment summaries and group certificates at the end of the year. The process of setting up a Payroo account is swift and easy. Users can schedule pay runs however they like and also include custom pay rates, earnings, items, deductions, allowances, super rates and leaves. The software enables its users to create their timesheets in order to automate and manage wage calculations. Users can allow their employees to develop their own timesheets and hence save the time of users. One can add, edit and manage the particulars of their employees such as the profile, pay rates, employment details, pay items, banking and super details.